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What is incorporated within SEO services and Website Marketing?

The SMART informational retrieval system was created back in the 1960’s by Gerald Salton’s team at Harvard and a team at Cornell University and was believed to be at the root of SEO services . This drove a need to be able to search effectively on the newly formed Internet with the arrival in the 1990’s of ‘ARCHIE’ (shortened from ‘Archive’). Archie deployed a query methodology incorporating, an expression matcher, a script ‘gatherer’ and a database for storing the searched user queries.

Many companies since the ‘dawn of the search engine’ have attempted to be successful but none have achieved it more so than today’s encumbants. We are seeing Microsoft with Bing to start to mount a challenge to the predominant search engine provider Google (which currently accounts for approximately 80% searches worldwide) .

Google continues to refine its algorithm, which it uses to determine a websites relevance to the user search, so that it can follow its message of making a rapid search as relevant as possible for the user . Companies soon realised that it made good business sense to be on the first page of Google as it is key to promoting or selling their services or products.

Good SEO means website presence and good Website Marketing means more sales.

Just having a good looking website is not enough. Time, convenience and relevance are some of the most important factors for today’s searcher with relevance being the key for the search engine. Today, more and more people are using the search engines results to help guide their decisions, which make website attraction important but ease of use,ease of communication,how easy it is to purchase services and products, are key factors in the sales process.

So what happens when a user lands on your website?

Well the ultimate goal is for the user to purchase something , take a moment to think about the rules that apply to you when you purchase something in a retail outlet.
The outlet generally:

a) Show their wares

b) Make it easy for you to get info on them (ask an assistant / maybe compare options)

c) Makes it clear and easy to buy them (POS / credit cards /cash etc…).

Similarly these same rules apply with a website. Make special deals on your products for limited periods only.

The key is to make it easy and simple for the user, without bells and whistles (unless you are in this trade!) – KISS works!.

However remember you have to do the basics and that is SEO services – get them to your site first then get them to take your products.

SEO services now are key to getting your website to page one of Google

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