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The Benefits Of Having A Britax Car Seats

The security of our kids is always foremost in our minds especially when going outdoors and travelling. This is precisely the reason why we have to seek out the safest and most durable car seat around for them to use during car trips. There are a lot of innovative designs for car seats available in the market today but nothing can beat the ergonomic features offered by a britax car seat. You will never regret your choice of buying one because of the following benefits.

1. The Britax Frontier 85 car seat features advanced technology and creative design keeping your child protected and secure throughout your ride. This accommodates 2 year old children weighing 25 pounds and up to 85 pounds when positioned as a forward-facing harnessed car seat; and 40 up to 120 pounds when used as a booster car seat.

2. This product gives True Side Impact Protection giving the infant proper head support, and is equipped with deep side walls that works successfully to distribute the forces caused by abrupt collision; screens the child from vehicle intrusion; safeguards his head, neck and spine and his whole body by protecting it properly aligned to limit any injury.

3. The company owns the patent for the energy-absorbing Versa-Tether, protecting your little one in case of accidents by providing a tether webbing that's staged-released which fastens the top of the child seat at two points securely to the car to reduce the movement of the seat going forward in case of sudden stop. The base absorbs energy, produced by the impact forces while the foam lining gives extra support. The baby is seated with utmost security and posture-support particularly during long rides, that is where Britax Frontier product offers the ultimate comfort.

4. Britax Seats can be compatible with the SecureGuard feature where the SecureGuard clip holds in place the lap portion of the security belt. This clip prevents submarining, an act that allows the child to slip below the lap belt; reducing the danger of any abdominal injury.

5. The car seat provides quite a lot of safety features such as the 5-point, tangle-free harness which allows for 10 harness-height positions; and three buckle positions for a snug match, adaptable on your baby even as he grows. The head restraint can be handled with one hand using the quick-adjust lever and the harness shoulder height could be adjusted readily with out disassembling the complete harness. The convenient front harness adjuster additionally lets you easily loosen or tighten the harness system.

6. It is kind of easy and fast to install and remove a Frontier 85, with the usage of it is lower latch connector and push button system. This system are suitable with almost all new manufactured vehicles. The armrests provide a relaxing place to rest his arms where double cup holders are positioned to hold water bottles or other snack items.

7. The cover set, made with comfort foam and delicate durable materials; is easy to remove for easy cleansing and is available in patterns like Rushmore, Canyon, Red Rock and Pink Sky. In case of getting a defective parts, the car seats has a limited one year warranty.

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